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Since 2010 we have been producing beautiful digitally printed wallpapers, here in the UK. 
As a parent, I felt frustrated by the lack of imagination offered in the form of textiles and decoration for children's rooms. Bored of predictable motifs and tasteless design, I set out to break the mould. Many parents prefer tasteful and unique interiors whilst children require stimulation, through colour, pattern and inspiring pictures. I was all about finding the right balance and compromise! At Kate Usher Studio, we strive to create innovative and exciting wallpapers for interior spaces which cater to the needs of both style savvy adults and their fun-loving children.We believe in bridging the fantasies of children and the tastes of adults to achieve a more liveable, creative and unique family home.

In the past year we have also been building our experience and knowlege in the commercial wallcoverings sector, and working on concepts for bars, restaurants and coffee shops. We exhibited at the Interiors Design Showcase Summit at the Hilton Wembley Hotel in London for the first time in 2015. Click the port-folio tab to view our latest bespoke wallpaper projects.

As a regular panel member of two trend forecasting consultancies, Trend Bible and the International Colour Authority (ICA) in London, I am keen to keep in touch with trends and am constantly conducting research into social and cultural drivers which might influence or indicate colours, moods and interior styles for the coming seasons.